Gator Gear

Adam’s favorite colors are orange and blue because of his love of the Florida Gators – and his grandfather – Plez Faulk.  Sharon, Adam’s mother, grew up inFloridaand the Faulks all still live there.

Adam’s “Papa” was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008 and died 8 months later in May, 2009 at age 63.  Adam was 18 months old when Papa died.

Plez had picked the name “Adam” and Sharon and Mike chose the middle name of “Faulk” because the “Faulk” name had stopped withSharon’s dad since he only had girls!

“Adam is the spitting image of my dad!” Sharon has said.  “He looks just like him and has a very similar personality! So, when Adam was diagnosed with cancer — just 3 years after my dad died from cancer — I made prayer bracelets that were blue and orange that said “Adam fights like a Gator.” It was done simply because Adam loved blue and orange and because I wanted to do them in honor of my dad too.  The gator theme and blue/orange just took off! So, we turned it into our foundation theme —  keeping the gator for ‘chomp childhood cancer’.”